Comacchio GEO 602 

The GEO 602  was designed to meet the needs of Synergy working in the field of geothermal engineering. This rig is particularly suitable for the installation of geothermal borehole heat exchangers in loose rocky terrains and soft soils such as clays and sands. Equipped with a 9500 daN pull mast. 

The GEO 602 is equipped with rod and casing handling systems that facilitate the loading / unloading operations on site, minimizing processing times.

The GEO 602 is equipped with an onboard mounted powerful mud pump (as specified by Synergy), thus allowing the rig to drill beyond 200m depth boreholes in a restricted operating space.

Synergy now has three rigs of this size and a further three, larger, automated rigs. All rigs are purchased directly from Comacchio SRL. the leading drill manufacturer.

In addition Synergy has an extensive equipment park (Mud Puppies, Loop insertion) to operate cleanly and quickly utilising highly mechanised speed and cleanliness.

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