G : Why Use Synergy?


Synergy has a long history of providing geothermal borehole installations to private clients

Synergy operates to the standards expected of an ISO 9001 accredited organisation. We use the best, therefore not necessarily the cheapest, components and materials. Our quotes are fixed price quotes, giving a detailed breakdown of the charges for the activities making up the total job. What is included and excluded in the quoted prices will be identified. Specifications of the materials and components used will be given.

We will produce Risk Assessments and Method Statements for each job as required.

Synergy is a well established company with corporate clients of long standing (please see ABOUT above).

Synergy has modern equipment conforming to all relevant British Standards for noise, emissions, guarding etc. This equipment is regularly maintained, audited and checked to ensure conformance with the necessary regulations. We use the most modern mud recycling equipment to ensure that site disruption and the mess caused on site is reduced to a minimum.

We will "do what it says on the tin". Our boreholes will be drilled cleanly to the quoted depths

Our work (electrofusion welds etc.) is guaranteed.

Synergy can deliver the complete borehole installation, drilling, header works, flushing and filling of the system so that the heat pump installer is left with simple connections to make to the heat pump.

We can also deliver the largest complete GSHP installation, together with one of our partner consultants / companies.

We do not quibble

We carry all the necessary insurances.

A last word, you may get a cheaper offer. Often this turns out to be not the case.

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