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What Synergy Does

This will be detailed in the written quote you receive from us, but this will typicall consist of the items listed below unless quoted/agreed otherwise.

  • How long before commencement?: about 3 - 6 weeks, including waiting for the water borehole survey.
  • If you wish, we can commission a geological water borehole survey from our Hydro-geologist. This will take 3 - 4 weeks. 
  • Upon receipt of the survey, prepare a preliminary written quote for you within 48 hours.
  • Very often, we will make a complimentary site visit to discuss details of ancillary equipment, assess site access, trenching required etc.
  • Agree in writing with you, the full extent of the project, timings etc.
  • You will be asked for a down payment to fix the drilling schedule and allow us to order equipment, pumps, tanks, filters etc.
  • How long will it take?: about 8 - 15 working days depending upon the extent of ancillary equipment to be installed.
  1. Transport equipment to site and set up using heavy duty matting to protect lawns etc.
  2. Carry out electronic scan of borehole site to check for utilities, i.e. gas electricity etc.
  3. Dig trial pit to double check for utilities.
  4. Commence drilling of hole using Comacchio rotary hydraulic drill, Tibban mud recycling unit and inserting temporary steel casing to stabilise borehole walls.
  5. Drill down to water table (check using electronic dip-meter)
  6. Drill 5 - 10 m into aquifer to guarantee supply reserve.
  7. Ream hole and withdraw drill string.
  8. Test pump to check flow.
  9. At this point request second of three payments.
  10. Insert high density PE slotted screen and liner to full hole depth.
  11. Fill gravel pack into annulus between screen and borehole walls.
  12. Seal top few metres of borehole with bentonite to prevent ingress of potential contaminants.
  13. Fit custom designed chamber and wellhead flange
  14. Insert Grundfos pump and riser main.
  15. Fit pump controls
  16. Take water samples as required for testing by UKAS accredited laboratory.
  17. Fit reserve/storage tank together with booster pump to give required system pressure.
  18. Fit high performance filters and UV unit.
  19. Complete and backfill all trenching.
  20. Dispose of waste, clean up site, transport all equipment
  21. Final invoice presented.
  22. We will, as a priority, adhere to our safety and environmental policies.

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