The Fastest Gun

The fastest gun.....

We have three MC900GTs, the fastest drilling rig for geothermal boreholes in the country

High volume geothermal borehole drilling rigs for projects of 30 kW (6 boreholes or more)

The latest cutting edge technology automated rotary hydraulic drill rig, designed and built specifically to drill geothermal boreholes as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Machine description

Rubber caterpillar track mounted, diesel powered, rotary hydraulic drill with automatic drilling rod / casing loading from an integral magazine with a storage capacity of 64 drill rod / casing sets.

  • Length: 9.99m

  • Width: 2.40m

  • Height: 3.15 (mast down), 9.87m (mast up)

  • Weight: 27000 Kg. (with full rod/casing compliment)


Drills and simultaneously cases geothermal boreholes down to 150 metres

Can drill down to 300m

Drilling / casing speed approximately 30 metres per hour

Approximate rate of borehole (100-150m) completion, i.e. drilled, loop inserted, grouted: 1 per day.

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