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Hydrogeological Survey

Before committing to cost, ie. engaging a driller to come to your site to drill for water, it is highly advisable to obtain a water borehole (hydrogeological) survey to determine the following,

  1. The presence of water at your site
  2. The depth of the water (aquifer) below ground
  3. The likely quantity of water relative to your requirements
  4. An indication of the quality of water to be encountered

Please, please, do not rely on the predictions of any driller unless there is solid geological data to back these up. There are many unscrupulous operators who will commence drilling on the basis of vague predictions and then ask for considerably more money to continue beyond the initial predicted depth, with no guarantee of success.

The only exceptions to the above are

  1. If there is a functioning borehole of known depth in close proximity to the intended site
  2. If there are reliable records of previous surveys for the site
  3. Should you wish to do your own research, at your own risk, it is sometimes possible to access local borehole records through the British Geological Survey (BGS) website. Please go to GEOLOGY MAP below. Synergy will be glad to commission a survey for you. The cost will be £420 + VAT

Alternatively you can commission the survey directly with the hydrogeologist (BAHS).

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The survey is a desk top exercise by an independant qualified hydrogeologist, no site visit is required. It usually takes 3 - 4 weeks.

Based upon the survey results, Synergy can usually give you a fixed price quote within 1 - 2 days.  (Quick Quote below)

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