G : MGS Grouting / Loop Insertion

Synergy has a number of mechanised loop insertion and grouting units. These units guarantee professional loop installation and full depth grouting of all the geothermal boreholes that Synergy provides

These towable units comprise equipment for the insertion the geothermal loop together with preparation, mixing and pumping of the high thermal conductivity grout into the borehole.

This equipment configuration comprising motor driven grout mixing and dispensing unit with hydraulic loop and tremie deployment was designed in the USA. Grout is mixed on board and pumped from the mixer, through the tremie which is delivered by the hydraulically powered reel direct to the bottom of the borehole.

No more messy manhandling of sacks of grout at the top of the borehole. No more bridging and blocking of the hole with unmixed grout. Guaranteed consistency of mix and high thermal conductivity for your heat pump collector loops.

Increased speed and cleanliness of operation means higher efficiency, higher cleanliness and lower cost to the client.

Synergy uses a high quality grout as shown below.

               Screenshot 2019 01 17 at 10.32.16

A word of warning : some others may not possess the powerful mixing and pumping grout units. They therefore reduce the grout solution, i.e. increase the water component in the grout. This will enable their weaker pump to grout the borehole. This however will produce a poorer performing borehole. This can be measured, and sometimes is, by using a Thermal Response Test (TRT). More poorer boreholes will be needed to meet the design performance.

This has been shown / demonstrated to occur on larger projects where cheaper quotes have been taken.

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