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Comacchio MC900GT (*3)

With immediate effect, we offer to our customers requiring several boreholes, the benefits of our latest acquisitions, our four Comacchio MC909GT drills, specifically for high volume geothermal borehole drilling. They will drill geothermal boreholes more rapidly, more reliably and above all, more cost effectively, than any other drill of comparable size. The workrate results in geothermal borehole completion speeds double those of conventional rigs with all the associated advantages. Their compact dimensions also allow use in constricted domestic/urban environments where GSHP’s of more than 50 kW are required.

Protective tubing (casing) is inserted simultaneously with the drilling operation to depths of up to 150 metres. This prevents borehole collapse and allows fail-safe insertion of the geothermal loop down the tubing.

Features of the MC900GT can be summed up as 

 SPEED and therefore

 COST ADVANTAGE  (where the client participates!)

 In order to enjoy the benefits of the MC900GT, please direct your enquiries to info@synergyboreholes.co.uk

Our location in Waddesdon gives us excellent access to all Southern/Central regions. On larger, or more urgent projects, our other Comacchio 450, 450P.1, 602 drills will assist the MC909GTs

 Machine description

Rubber caterpillar track mounted, diesel powered, rotary hydraulic drill with automatic drilling rod / casing loading from an integral magazine with a storage capacity of 64 drill rod / casing sets.

  • Length: 9.99m

  • Width: 2.40m

  • Height: 3.15 (mast down), 9.87m (mast up)

  • Weight: 24000 kG. (27000 kG with full compliment of rods/casing)


Drills and simultaneously cases geothermal boreholes down to 150 metres

Can drill down to 300m

Drilling / casing speed approximately 30 metres per hour

Approximate rate of borehole (100-150m) completion, i.e. drilled, loop inserted, grouted: 1 per day.


Smaller rigs

Additionally we have two Comacchio MC450 sized rigs which are ideally suited for restricted entrance or limited space.

Peripheral equipment

Synergy has fully mechanised units to achieve optimum site cleanliness (see Tibban) and reliable loop insertion together with powerful grout pumps to give efficient grouting of the boreholes to increased depths.

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