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GSHP System Design and Installation

Should you be considering the installation of a GSHP system, it is certainly worth doing a little research about how they work and the benefits they bring. It is also worth looking around for a good renewable energy company to take charge of the design and installation.

It is unfortunately a fact of life that there are many, many companies who have jumped on the Renewable/Green Energy bandwagon. Some of these companies are striving to build, or have already built an excellent reputation. Others are out to make a quick profit. Some of the green technologies are more easy to master than others, for example the installation of solar panels.

Other technologies require much more background knowledge and experience in different disciplines. This is particularly true for the design and installation of GSHP systems, which is more complex, particularly in the case of larger projects where borehole arrays are involved.

There are unfortunately many examples of installed GSHP systems in the UK which do not deliver what was expected or promised. Quite often this is due to poor design. This can be the result of incompetence or lack of experience on the part of the designer, or, a wish to reduce initial project cost at the expense of long term performance, or shoddy work during the installation of the system, including the borehole array.

If you are contemplating the installation of a GSHP system of more than say 15kW, it is certainly worth doing some background research. Synergy has designed this website in a way that will hopefully assist you to do this.

One of the other critical factors in "getting it right" is the choice of designer/installer for your system

As always, you tend to get what you pay for. By going for the cheapest offer, it is possible to save a significant sum in the initial outlay. However, this comes at the risk of sacrificing many times that amount over the years due to loss of efficiency and therefore energy saving.

Please use this website to help you to make your decisions.

 Synergy is able to take on the full project using the best designers and installers for the project.


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