Geology Map

Our thanks and recognition to The British Geological Survey (Wallingford) to agree to our use of their research facilities.

Read below then click on "READ MORE" in GEOLOGY MAP below.

 Look up the geological information of the strata at your postcode. Also see records of boreholes in this vicinity.


1) Click Go to Location button at top right

2) In the box enter your site postcode.

3) Click Search for Location

4) Click on the red marker to see Bedrock Geology at this point


1) At the top left of this screen, click on Borehole Scans

2) The red dots are the deeper (30m+) boreholes

3) Click on a red dot to get borehole record displayed

4) Click on Scan available to see borehole record in detail


To relate the borehole information more closely to the road/street layout, move the slider at the right hand side of the page "Geology Transparency" towards 100%

Geology Map

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