Drilling Cleanliness

Tibban Mud Puppy

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. have invested in new mud cleaning systems which recycle the drilling mud, keeping the site and environment clean. These units are trailer mounted.

This American, patented system, avoids the need to dig large settling pits for the volume of slurry coming from the drilling process. The waste is converted to solids which can be mechanically disposed of, either on site, or removed by skip.

This new technology allows us to drill in 'site sensitive' areas. Overspills of drilling muds into streams, gardens, ponds etc. can now be eliminated.

  • Tibban Mud Puppy, Model MP-170-2SC,
  • Picks up and cleans 350 gallons of mud per minute.
  • Fine mesh screen for retaining desander cone discharge fluid, mounted above primary working screen.
  • 600 gallon mud reservoir, with 2 compartments, sloped walls and sand traps.
  • 2 ea. 4" suction outlets.
  • 74 HP Deutz Diesel, 4-cylinder in-line. air cooled, Fullfills Tier II EPA emissions standards.
  • Shaker: 3' x 5' single shaker screen / 20 mesh. Hyd driven, rotary motion. 1/4" HR Steel wall construction.
  • Desander System: 2" x 3" x 8.5" centrifugal mud pump,
  • 2 ea. 5" desander cones,
  • Manifold pressure gauge,
  • 170 GPM,
  • 15 Micron cut.
  • Sand Guzzler mud pick-up pump 10" centrifugal mud pump, 0 - 3000 RPM, 0-350 GPM, 20' of 3" hose.
  • Closed loop hydraulics, variable displacement pump, load sense control, 55 gallon reservoir, with high capacity cooling system.
  • Trailer Mounted: Unit weighs ~3,900 pounds, is ~5'-6" wide, ~11' long, ~6'-6" tall.

                                                  mp 170 2sc

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