Medium Size Rig

Comacchio MC450P & MC450P.1

The MC450P is the big brother of the MC405. Whilst still very compact, not much bigger than the MC405, this machine is considerably more powerful, allowing boreholes to be drilled deeper and faster.

The MC450P.1 is the same basic machine, fitted with a mechanised drill rod handling arm.


  • MC450P Crawler mounted drill rig with a high pullback rating.Track carriage width 1700 mm steel pad width 400 mm max speed 1.5 km/hr chassis with 4 hydraulic jacks, the front pair are extendable manually, the rear pair are a fixed width, mast slide cylinder included. Track wheel base centres 1900mm.
  • Rubber shoe inserts for steel tracks.
  • Power pack includes silencing canopy, driven by a John Deere power tech D4045T four cylinder turbo diesel 86kW (115 hp) at 2500 rpm with common rail water cooler, exhaust emission to EU 2004/26 step 3, 24 volt electrics, variable displacement axial piston pump (load sensing), gear pumps also included for ancillary services, 20 um filtration, 280 litre oil reservoir, 130 litre fuel tank, oil and temperature indicators.
  • Mast with hydraulic cylinder and chain feed system, feed force 6500 kgs max, pull back 9500 kgs max, feed stroke 4000 mm.
  • Rotary head model CT46 mounted on a slide carriage with on/off hole slidramatic side shift.
  • 6 speeds/torque ranges, a top mounted 1 ½” water/mud swivel, splined spindle, spring type shock absorbers with 3 ½ API reg box output drive connection is included.
  • Hydraulic double rod holder/rod breaker assembly located near the mast base, working range 45-300 mm diameters, a clamping jaw pressure regulating valve is included.
  • Split type rod guide, locates in above clamps.
  • 2000 kgs hydraulic bi-directional winch, rope hook and double sheave crownblock, a mast extension is also included for 6 metre rod pulls, rope speed 30 metres/minute, rope dia 10 mm.
  • TR200 Triplex water/mud pump, 200 litres/minute, 40 bar pressure.
  • Foam/clean water/mist pump 30 litres/minute, max 150 bar pressure.
  • Pressure washer, reel hose and lance.
  • Drilling controls located on a pivoting arm, set up controls on the rig, tramming controls via a remote cable console.
  • Hydraulic air supply gate valve control included.
  • Hydraulic raise/lower pipe rack, located alongside the mast, capacity 40 rods 76 mm OD x 3 metre lengths (rods not included).
  • Lights on the mast and drilling controls.
  • Covers for controls.
  • DTH lubricator assembly.
  • Safety pivot gate frame with wire mesh and rapid shutdown system.
  • Manufactured to C.E. and EU conformity standards.
  • The ratings are compatible with the power source and inline hydraulic circuitry.


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