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The geology of the site where a geothermal borehole array is to be located has a very significant effect upon the likely performance of the boreholes in terms of their efficiency in harvesting the heat from the ground.

It is therefore particularly important, especially for larger arrays, to factor in the correct thermal characteristics of the geology into the borehole aray design i.e. number, depth and orientation of the boreholes.

In order to do this, the assistance of a qualified and experienced geologist is required.

Baker Association Hydro Solutions (BAHS) provide specialist design and consultancy services in the fields of boreholes and wells, water supplies, ground source heating and related areas.

As an independent Hydro-Thermogeological consultancy they provide specialist support to most of the leading construction and development companies in the UK and abroad. Projects range from premier league football clubs to private residences.

Baker Association Hydro Solutions was established in 2003. The company has developed into a comprehensive hydrological consultancy and monitoring service working in both the domestic, commercial and water supply sectors. The team of 10 staff and associates have a wide breadth of experience with projects in the UK and overseas. Their objective is to provide tailored services designed to meet the specific needs of each and every customer. If you are looking for specialist support in the fields of hydrogeology, geology, water supply or monitoring they’ve almost certainly been there and done it!


Ground Source Heating and Cooling Systems (GSH&C) represent a vast and sustainable source of renewable heating and cooling potential when exploited using appropriately designed and installed Systems.

BAHS have developed an in depth practical and technical working knowledge of GSH&C Systems having been involved with numerous Systems over many years. Combined with the company's core business of drilling and water wells BAHS are expertly placed to provide technical. design and project management services linked with GSH&C.

Within the GSH&C sector BAHS support manufacturer, installers, drillers and contractors enabling them to deliver industry leading installations. BAHS have a range of services specifically designed for different markets and projects of all sizes. Recent projects include houses, schools, universities, museums, hotels, nursing homes, warehouses, factories & industrial units.

BAHS are routinely involved with open and closed loop ground source heating projects ranging from 5kWto schemes in excess of 3.5MW

Baker Association Hydro Solutions (BAHS) head office is located in Royston. If you wish to meet them, you are more than certain to be made welcome.

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