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Avoiding problems with bacteria

Ground source heat pumps are rapidly gaining acceptance in the UK, in line with other northern european countries.

Some of the older GSHP installations (not ours!) are giving rise to complaints caused by bacteriological contamination of the heat transfer fluid that circulates around the ground source loops in the borehole, through the manifold and into the heat pump heat exchanger. This bacterial/fungal growth can cause blockages in the system, lead to reductions in efficiency and even complete malfunction of the system.

Synergy recommends the use of the product below for the avoidance of bacteriological problems in the groundloops and pipework containing the heat transfer medium.


Features & Benefits

  • Effective biocide & fungicide
  • Prevents slime-forming bacteria
  • Sanitises heat pump systems
  • Easy and quick to dose
  • Non-corrosive
  • Long lasting protection
  • Safe to handle
  • No toxic breakdown products
  • Test method available

Sentinel R700 is a solution containing a stabilised biocide for use in ground source and air/water heat pump systems. These systems can suffer from problems caused by the growth of organisms such as bacteria and fungi. The problems caused are typically:

  • Degradation of thermal fluids
  • Blockages of the pipe work, manifolds, valves and heat exchangers
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Corrosion of heat exchangers and manifolds

These problems can severely disrupt the smooth and efficient operation of the heat pump system.

Description and Use
Sentinel R700 is a solution containing a stabilised biocide designed to eliminate the problems cause by bacteria and fungi in heat pump systems.
In new systems add 1 litre of Sentinel R700 during the initial fill of the system with water to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi and their associated problems. In larger systems, the product should be dosed at 1 litre per 300 litres system volume. Circulate the system for 30 minutes to ensure complete distribution through the whole system.
Sentinel R700 can also be used to sterilise flush water after system cleaning (e.g. with Sentinel R800) during procedures to replace old, degraded thermal fluids.
When the system has been sanitised by the application of Sentinel R700 the system can be filled with Sentinel R500.
There is a Sentinel R700 Test Kit available which contains test strips for ensuring the correct concen- tration of Sentinel R700 and also dip slides which are used to check for bacteria.
Sentinel R700 is fully compatible with Sentinel R500 and R600
IMPORTANT - Sentinel R700 should not be mixed with any other type of cleaning product.

Chemical composition
Appearance Clear, colourless liquid 
Specific gravity (20 °C) 1.009g/cm3
Materials Compatibility
Sentinel R700 does not attack the materials normally used in ground source and air/water heat pump systems.

Sentinel R700 is supplied in 1 litre non-returnable plastic containers (about £30 per container)

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Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd
The Heath Business & Technical Park
01928 588330 (UK)

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