Geothermal Boreholes

Synergy drills for small and large clients. 85kM per year of geothermal boreholes (average 130m depth) and increasing.

Our boreholes deliver the require thermal performance... from the specified depths.
We regularly have our boreholes independently tested.
Our clients, and sites, are looked after through careful project management.


Synergy drill domestic and commercial sites requiring 2 to over 100 boreholes and from 80m to over 200m. We can arrange geological site surveys including the prediction of borehole thermal performance and the array design. If desired we can arrange the TRT (Thermal Response Test) of the initial borehole. We then guarantee the performance of the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP), We use the best quality loops and high specification thermal grout.

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Our equipment and staff fulfil all professional requirements to include certification, training and protective clothing. Quality drilling ensures that borehole performance conform to thermal design specifications. We document borehole depth, pressure/flow testing to ensure we meet MSC requirements,

Sainsbury's Exeter

What our clients say

"Ours was a site which presented particular challenges, in terms of limited access for specialised equipment, restricted operational space and sloping terrain.

At all times, the Synergy Boreholes team worked with enthusiasm, absolute professionalism and dedication to the task in hand. The positive impression I gained when they came to survey the site was confirmed during their period on the project.

They provided regular status updates, gave me clear explanations of potential problems encountered during drilling and came up with solutions that enabled us to complete that phase of work on time and within budget.

I would commend Synergy Boreholes without hesitation."

J and GP, Highgate, London


We drill for many large private residences. In addition to meeting or exceeding all their technical requirements.

Synergy will guarantee that you, the private client will get the correct advice.

We are well known to treat both the site and the client to the most exacting cleanliness standards, privacy and protection.

Step by step process

The following illustrates the simple procedure to get geothermal boreholes.


First Step

Initial contact will be made personally with one of Synergy’s advisors. Depending upon the GSHP performance (kW/COP) precisely specified, the site size and access difficulty. A preliminary detailed quote in writing will be given within a few days. This may be refined after further clarification or discussion which may include an initial site visit. (Stargroves -->, 30 boreholes over 200m)


To see geology at your site, use Geology Map below. (search Geology Map if unfamiliar). Depending upon the estimated borehole number, (>6) an independent geological survey/borehole array design may be commissioned taking about 3 weeks (a few hundred pounds). This may lead to refinement of the initial quote (No cost). See left here, both in detail. If then required, Method Statement and Risk Assessment documentation will be supplied. When downpayment is made, the scheduled start date and job duration will be committed to.


Site work will start with the arrival of the medium or larger drilling rig, mud puppy (mud cleaning unit) and ancillary equipment. Borehole locations are located to avoid all energy/sewage utility runs which will have been identified by the client. Borehole trial pits will be dug giving further safety.


Each borehole takes 1-2 days depending on depth and geology. Loops are mechanically inserted by hydraulic loop reel, then pressure tested. High quality grout mixed by specific unit and pumped starting at the bottom of the borehole. After completion of the boreholes, header works i.e. joining up of boreholes through manifold and header pipes back to GSHP location.

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