Synergy Boreholes

Synergy Boreholes deliver Geothermal Ground Source and Water Boreholes, up to 250m and more.

Synergy was founded in 2006 and achieved ISO9001 in 2011. Our expert staff and machine park ( now £3 Mio. ) grow year on year. We are a nationwide company offering turnkey solutions, guiding and making the installation of ground arrays/water wells as simple as possible.

Our materials, supporting knowledge, renewable advice, hydrogeological surveys (BGS support below, see Geology Map), are from the best, completely independent third parties.

Your contact with us is personal.

We drill for individual houses, large country residencies, supermarkets, factories, hotels, offices, schools, universities, sports clubs, etc.

We serve home owners, consultants, renewable energy companies, architects and large contractors. Geographically, England, Wales, Scotland and Channel Islands.

Synergy's rigs, (MC900GTs), the most flexible, most powerful, cleanest; specifically designed for geothermal borehole drilling. We have 5 rigs in total, 2 for tight access domestic situations, and three large and powerful machines with differing capabilities.

We quote clearly, in detail, deliver borehole performance as specified or better.

We are not the cheapest…. our quoted prices are fixed. We deliver. We are efficient, clean and consistent. We build on what we do.

Look at our developments, progress, capabilities, experience...(see ABOUT above). We have established long friendships in the industry and can guide you through the project. See further below.

Consistent Quality has fuelled and continues our growth.

We regularly have our boreholes independantly tested and achieve the best results.

To learn more about Synergy, see ABOUT above.

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Geothermal Boreholes

We have drilled thousands of geothermal boreholes in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. Our clients range from private domestic to large corporate. We drill from 1 up to 200 boreholes in one location. In 2018 we installed over 85Km of GSHP pipe. Complete turnkey external installations, including GSHP installation by our partners.

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Water Boreholes

We drill water boreholes for individuals, industrial clients, boutique hotels and country clubs, depths from 30 to well over 250 metres. We can arrange totally independent, water borehole surveys, including borehole design. Synergy drills boreholes, arranges water sampling/analysis, installs units for water filtration, UV, nitrates, iron/manganese, etc, and water storage.

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Our Process

Synergy delivers what is expected.

We research site geology, requirements of heating / water, and, if required will recommend an independent geological survey. Based upon reliable data we give you a detailed quote with fixed prices for individual components.

Our quoted prices remain fixed. (Unless requirements change)

Our quote is sometimes not numerically the cheapest. However, hard experience often ultimately proves that we are.

Usually a site visit will precede work commencement and we will provide beginning and duration dates. 

Synergy supply Risk Assessment, Method Statement documents and all project documentation upon completion to include depths, geothermal loop tests or water pumping tests.

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(in information see instructions for BGS geology map)

Geology Map

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